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Houston To The Core

We are Houston Cider Co., Houston's first production cidery. Located in the eclectic Houston Heights neighborhood, we are passionate about making modern American cider and pushing our creative limits. Our approach is simple; use high quality fruits and ingredients to create uniquely flavored and approachable ciders. We believe cider is for everyone, and that it is best enjoyed with good friends, great food, and high spirits.  

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INgredients Matter

Ingredients matter to us. We use the highest quality apple juice that we can find from Pacific Northwest orchards. We hand crush fresh ginger, use raw local honey, and grind fresh whole spices. We choose to use whole ingredients to develop flavor in our cider instead of relying on manufactured essences or natural flavorings. This is not the easiest option, but it's the only option for us

Our Story

We love all things craft; be it craft beer, craft soap, or craft cider we love it all. The passion for quality and creativity is what drives us. In 2017 Houston was in serious need of a cidery, one as unique as the city we love. The rich history and eclectic culture of the Houston Heights was the perfect fit. Fast forward to 2020 and we've grown to service over 300 accounts in southeast Texas alone and have won multiple national awards for our cider. 

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We Can

2019 was a busy year. We expanded our production capacity with the introduction of new 4,500 gallon tanks. With our new canning line we able to put our core four ciders in cans year round. And we owe much of this to you; you've helped make this possible and we're humbled by your patronage and support. We will continue marching into the future guided by our core values of quality, innovation, and independence.   


Tel: 832-834-7151

1125 W Cavalcade St

Houston, TX 77009

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